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  • Galerie Rother Winter Wiesbaden
  • Galerie Rother Winter Wiesbaden
  • Galerie Rother Winter Wiesbaden
Aktuelles in der Galerie Rother Winter

Dear friends and visitors of the gallery,

We look forward to having you as a visitor in our current exhibition. Feel and experience the charisma and authenticity of a picture or a sculpture right from up close. Savor art in a way that is only possible from one’s own point of view.

Best regards
Christine Rother-Ulrich and Elvira Mann-Winter

Current events

"MAL SO WEITER!" Master students of K. H. HÖDICKE


On Sunday, 16th of September 11 o´clock we kindly invite you to "Mal so weiter!" with selected paintings of master students of  K.H. Hödicke from University of Künste in Berlin, an exhibition Galerie Rother Winter curated in Kunsthaus in Taunusstein. The range of artists spreads over two generations, influenced by Hödicke, but finding their own, personal style: Helmut Middendorf, Ina Lindemann and Reinhard Pods, Katrin Kampmann, Jan Muche and Renata Tumarova. Please be aware that for this event the regular entrance fee of 7 € will have to be paid to Kunsthaus.

Kunsthaus Taunusstein, Hauptstr. 1 A, 65232 Taunusstein-Niederlibbach

Michael Burges - Paintings

8. September - 13. Oktober 2018

Michael Burges paints abstract color compositions, which are characterized by brilliance and high-glossy feel. His image carrier is acrylic glass, which he paints from the back. With a focus on painting, his new works create coincidences of natural color, which wouldn’t be possible to plan.

Not only does he create intensely colored reverse glass pictures, but also quiet meditative gold leaf and silver leaf works with restrained colors are found in his oeuvre. He expanded the palette of metals he uses by gold platinum, platinum, moon gold and palladium.

show list (PDF)

Further exhibitions

Galerie Rother Winter – listed artists:

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  • Rainer Fetting
  • Karl Otto Götz
  • Günter Grass
  • Markus Lüpertz
  • Heinz Mack
  • Joan Miro
  • Emil Nolde
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Otto Piene
  • Gerhard Richter
  • Cornelia Schleime
  • Bernard Schultze
  • Siegward Sprotte
  • Günther Uecker
  • Jan Voss

Classical Modern & Contemporary Art: Galerie Rother Winter (Wiesbaden) for collectors and art lovers in the area of Frankfurt and Mainz

Discover new horizons: Encounters with modern & contemporary art will entice visitors of the gallery ROTHER WINTER from Frankfurt, Wiesbaden & Mainz

"Something is not seen because it is visible, on the contrary it is visible, because it is seen." This quote of the famous American photographer Diane Arbus very aptly formulates a fundamental relationship between the free creativity of artistic work and the reality to which it relates to. Art that conveys meaning is always just the space of a breath away from normality and allows us to move through life with heightened consciousness. This is why we at gallery Rother Winter would like to acquaint you with established artists as well as up-and-coming talents from a new creative art scene that have something to say and whose art is not just formally and aesthetically convincing, but which also manges to captivate with its particular expressiveness. The art galleries Rother and Winter in Wiesbaden have long been known to the interested public in the Rhine-Main area between Mainz and Frankfurt as exceptional art dealers with works of classical modernism and contemporary art. After the merger in 2013, the joint gallery ROTHER WINTER presents art and sculptures to art lovers and collectors in their new premises in the Taunusstraße. The 180 square meters of generously dimensioned showrooms in a neoclassical townhouse in one of the best areas in Wiesbaden offer ideal opportunities to adequately present the chosen artists and their works in shows and thematic exhibitions. Thanks to this, both artist and gallery are well-perceived in the art scene of Frankfurt and the entire Rhine-Main area.

Sculptures and paintings for our audience in the Rhine-Main area (Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz) - encounters with young contemporary art

As gallery owners, together with our assistant Christina Seidel, we have been looking after the care and marketing of contemporary painting and sculpture for several years already in the joint gallery. The new gallery brings over 50 years of experience to the art market, having the background of 30 years of existence from gallery Winter and more than 20 years of gallery rother. Together, the two combined to create a novel and unique professional presence in this new gallery. The gallery in the Rhine-Main area (Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz) has earned itself an excellent reputation with special shows and exhibitions (paintings and sculptures) for the purchase of art. A central aspect of the gallery is, among others, promoting a promising young art scene through exhibitions with considerable success. In this sense the scope of the gallery well exceeds the art trade, as the gallery owners offer talented up-and-coming artists a suitable platform to show their work in order to become known to a wider audience.

Time Pictures & Pictures for the time - Art Gallery ROTHER WINTER for friends and art lovers in the area of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz

"Painting, in our time, appears as a successful possibility to put art within the reach of the gift of our hearts. We can hold ourselves in front of these images, and that's why we love them. "The quote by Arnold Gehlen from his sociological writings on art could certainly also refer to the sculptures that we present in our Art Gallery in Wiesbaden. We sell contemporary art (sculpture, paintings) to interested parties in the Frankfurt area, Mainz, throughout the Federal territory and to art lovers from abroad, who can also build a personal relationship with the desired works - and from our experience with the practices of the art market we dare say that even the greatest passion for collecting would not be conceivable without this very personal access, as Gehlen formulates it. In this sense, our gallery is also, in the best sense of the word, a place of "encounters" with contemporary art: images of time, which we like to be inspired by and that can sometimes accompany us throughout our entire lives.

Your first address for buying art in the area of Mainz, Wiesbaden to Frankfurt

With our wide range of classical modern art and the contemporary oeuvre of renowned established artists, as well as the work of young talents, our gallery opens up many possibilities for the purchase of artistic works of art (paintings, sculptures) in the triangle between Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and Mainz. This offers a unique opportunity for collectors and art lovers to complete their holdings or for building a private collection with interesting, sometimes innovative works, as well as making the acquaintance with various representatives of an emerging artist generation. Investors will feel at home with the many options of value-adding art investment. In addition to the classics, the potential of a fascinating young art scene should not be forgotten. Maybe you will find the works of tomorrow today!

Powerful, expressive or rather unobtrusive - buy contemporary art at ROTHER WINTER in Wiesbaden

Art motivates creative thinking, enables a change of perspective, sensitizes the senses, creates new connections and creates a distinctive atmosphere in every home. We know from experience that works of art find their owners, not the other way around. Sometimes it's love at first sight, others make take more time to fall in love with a work of art. This is especially true when it comes to buying a work of contemporary art that does not immediately reveal itself to the viewer. Of course, we will gladly assist you in your discovery before selling a sculpture or painting. In our Art Gallery in Wiesbaden, interested parties from Frankfurt to Mainz not only find a chance to gain sensual access to all kinds of artworks. It is equally important to us that you are also informed about the background of the displayed works and their authors, about artistic techniques and design. In our gallery we can provide you with reliable information that ideally gives you some very valuable support when purchasing art and making a decision.

Are you interested in works of classical modernism? Find your personal favorite masterpiece at ROTHER WINTER

Several artists in the field of modern art, such as Hubert Berke, Peter Herkenrath or Otto Ritschl can be found in the program of the gallery. These are just a few notable representatives of classical modern art, which we show regularly in our gallery or at selected external locations, including pictorial works (paintings) and sculptures alike, which we offer for purchase in Wiesbaden for those interested, for example clients from the Rhine -Main area, from Mainz to Frankfurt. With the now traditional exhibition MEISTERWERKE, which is regularly shown in December and January, the gallery is more even more intensely involved with the art trade. Works by Marc Chagall, Lovis Corinth, Salvador Dali, Rainer Fetting, Karl Otto Götz, Günter Grass, Markus Lüpertz, Heinz Mack, Joan Miro, Emil Nolde, Pablo Picasso, Otto Piene, Gerhard Richter, Cornelia Schleime, Bernard Schultze, Siegward Sprotte, Günther Uecker and Jan Voss are shown. The team of the gallery ROTHER WINTER Elvira Mann-Winter, Christine Rother-Ulrich and Christina Seidel would like to thank their customers and the friends of the galleries for their loyalty over many years; They are also always happy to advise interested customers professionally in the gallery.
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