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Skulptur think

Axel Anklam

Axel Anklam creates abstract sculptures in a perfect balance between surface and volume, building on a stainless steel frame, which is then covered with latex, stainless steel or fiberglass.
Kunstwerk Ohne titel

Tim Bengel

Gold, sand and glue - with these unusual materials, Tim Bengel made his breakthrough on the international art market. Bengel's intention behind the works is to create something unique through unusual combinations and techniques.
Kunstwerk Collage auf Aluminium

Zigi Ben-Haim

Ben-Haim combines both elements of painting and sculpture in his works, creating rich structures and fascinating colors.
Kunstwerk Ohne titel

Lore Bert

Lore Bert, born in Gießen in 1936, studied painting from 1953 to 1957 at the College of Fine Arts, Berlin. Collages, picture objects, sculptures and entire installations made of paper have been produced since the 1980s.
Kunstwerk Ölgemälde

Annette Besgen

Annette Besgen studied art at the University of Siegen. Her pictures move between subtle monochrome and opposite colors, between hard surfaces and sucking depths, between light and shadow, confrontation and meditation, between moment of time and timelessness.
Kunstwerk Gemälde No10

Michael Burges

Michael Burges paints abstract color compositions, which are characterized by brilliance and high-glossy feel. His image carrier is acrylic glass, which he paints from the back.
Kunstwerk Natura

Max Diel

The subjects depicted in Max Diel's paintings move between the outside and the inside, the reality, fantasy and surreality - the painter's deepest concern is to merge the inner world with the outer world in his paintings.
Kunstwerk Natura

René Dantes

René Dantes first studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, but soon turned to sculpture, being fascinated by its three-dimensionality.
Kunstwerk Gemälde Munteanu Twins

Rainer Gross

Rainer Gross left his hometown Cologne at the age of 22 in 1973, where he studied art at the University of Applied Sciences in order to go to New York.
Kunstwerk Gemälde ohne Titel 1975

Peter Herkenrath

As an artist, Peter Herkenrath was self-taught, initially working in his father's textile company. It was not until 1933 that he had a solo exhibition at the Kölnischer Kunstverein (Cologne Art Club), but war and German National Socialism interrupted his artistic work.
Skulptur Säuleninsel

Kubach & Kropp

Livia Kubach, master student of Günther Uecker and her husband Michael Kropp as an artist couple create contemporary granite sculptures in a reduced form language.
Kunstwerk Schatten

Helge Leiberg

Helge Leiberg Helge Leiberg, b. 1954 in Dresden, studied at the College of Fine Arts in Dresden. He is a draftsman, painter, graphic artist, sculptor, book illustrator, musician, and in GDR times he also was a filmmaker.
Kunstwerk Wasserhahn

Eva Ohlow

Eva Ohlow Eva Ohlow deals with extraordinary materials and techniques throughout her artistic career. Painterly structured pictures and objects made of rubber, sheet steel, iron, aluminum, Plexiglas or various types of foils are created by her hand.
Kunstwerk GroßeSoraya

Karlheinz Oswald

Figures between reality and invention - Karlheinz Oswald creates tension between clear and detailed sculptures for which a dancer model sat and invented sculptures, created out of creative spontaneity, inspired from ballet practice from memory.
Kunstwerk Skulptur turmV

Werner Pokorny

Werner Pokorny studied art and art history at the University of Karlsruhe and the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe. From 1998-2013 he worked as a professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.
Kunstwerk Skulptur Elementare Bahia Blue

Thomas Reifferscheid

In the encounter with the sculptures of Thomas Reifferscheid different influences can be seen. The reference to themes and symbols from architecture, such as gate and column and cube is obvious.
Kunstwerk Gemälde 73 92

Otto Ritschl

Otto Ritschl, born in 1885 in Erfurt, lived in Wiesbaden until his death in 1976. After a painting ban during the Nazi period, he developed his personal abstract painting style in the 1950s, based on geometric and constructivist forms.
Kunstwerk Gemälde Luogo

Raffaele Rossi

After studying at the Art School in Novara (1972), Raffaele Rossi works - fascinated by the techniques of early Venetian painting - in the workshops of two old Venetian masters, Valleria Rambelli and Ottone Malambini, learning to create oil and tempera colors from natural pigments and the corresponding binders, as well as how to prepare canvases and backgrounds.
Kunstwerk Gemälde

Renata Tumarova

The main concern of Renata Tumarova is to capture light with the means of art. It is necessary to work with color, to communicate in and out of color an expression.
Kunstwerk Gemälde No10

Miriam Vlaming

Miriam Vlaming, b. 1971, one of the major representatives of the New Leipzig School, studied at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts with Arno Rink and graduated as a master student of his.
Kunstwerk Gemälde Luxaeterna

Robert Weber

Born in Jena in 1964, the painter Robert Weber moved to West Berlin in 1985 and studied painting at the Hochschule der Künste from 1986 to 1993 in Berlin.
Kunstwerk Gemälde Luxaeterna

Silvia Willkens

Silvia Willkens' finely crafted acrylic chalk drawings depict human faces or figures reminiscent of bygone eras in a contemporary interpretation.
Kunstwerk Tinzenhorn Dunst Wolken

Bernd Zimmer

With figurative painting he rebelled as “young wild one” against the prevailing abstraction dominant in the 80s. He then discovered the strength and depth of nature. Since then, he has dedicated himself to the themes desert, cosmos, sea, sky and forest as concentrates of untouched landscape.

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