• Rother Winter Galerie Wiesbaden
  • Rother Winter Galerie Wiesbaden
  • Rother Winter Galerie Wiesbaden
  • Rother Winter Galerie Wiesbaden

a - Preview for all art lovers in the area of Mainz, Wiesbaden to Frankfurt

You are cordially invited! This is the announcement for our exhibitions to all our friends of the gallery Rother Winter and anyone interested in art in the Rhein-Main area (Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz)

“Masterworks" by Baselitz, Immendorf, Lüpertz, Dali and Miró were part of the opening exhibition in our gallery. Under the ambiguous title of the event, we were able to present masters and their work to the public in a very exciting and inspiring manner, together with much positive media feedback. After the merger of the renowned galleries Rother and Winter, we are happy to present to everyone our new premises in the Taunusstraße in Wiesbaden, which offer 180 square meters of ideal conditions for joint exhibitions. Our audience from the area of Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and more will be sure to feel pleased with these new and expansive showrooms, which allow an adequate display of many interesting works of art and make even very large sculptural works "walkable" and discoverable. We rely on the greatest possible transparency and an authentic, sensual encounter with the displayed pieces of art, which all our visitors greatly appreciate. This approach combines well with the spacious display windows of our gallery, which provide passers-by with an unobstructed view of most of our exhibits from the outside - this creates an inherent openness to anyone interested and creates a deeper curiosity about what else there may be to discover. This is how Galerie Rother Winter offers itself as a place for encounters and engagement with works of classical modern and contemporary art, which we display in changing exhibitions and shows. Artistic and sculptural works can be discovered in a very wide-ranging aesthetic spectrum. Our own preferences and many years of experience and knowledge of the art scene play a not inconsiderable role in the choice of works displayed. We take care to ensure a very high quality and value of the exhibited pieces, to choose artists who convince with their personal expression and high aesthetic quality, who can captivate with their form and form language. In particular, we try to showcase the innovative, young and ambitious representatives of contemporary art and not just limit ourselves to already well-established artists. It is the former kind of artist especially, to whom we hope to offer an adequate and deserved opportunity to present their impressive works on our premises. A tantalizing amount of stimulation therefore awaits our visitors – moments of surprise and moving emotions, all manners of discovery for the friends of our gallery and of course also for art-interested collectors and any specialist audience, for which our exhibitions has become an important meeting place throughout the Rhine-Main area (Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt) and beyond.
We hope that we have been able to give you a first glimpse into what we can offer you and would be pleased to welcome you to our gallery. If you would like to meet our artists in person on this kind of occasion, then we recommend visiting a vernissage or finissage in our house.
Galerie Rother Winter GBR

Taunusstrasse 52
65189 Wiesbaden

Phone: +49 611 37 99 67
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Tuesday - Friday 11-18 pm
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Open on Saturdays with vernissages
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