• Galerie Rother Winter in Wiesbaden
    Galerie Rother Winter Wiesbaden
  • Galerie Rother Winter in Wiesbaden
    Galerie Rother Winter Wiesbaden
  • Galerie Rother Winter Ausstellung
    Galerie Rother Winter Wiesbaden
  • Galerie Rother Winter Ausstellung
    Galerie Rother Winter Wiesbaden

The team

Galerie Rother Winter GBR

Since the two gallery owners Christine Rother and Elvira Mann-Winter merged to form the joint GALERIE ROTHER WINTER in November 2013, located in Taunusstraße 52, they organised more than 50 exhibitions in Wiesbaden and participated in several art fairs.

For the 1st of October, Elvira Mann-Winter transferred her part of the gallery to the son of Christine Rother-Ulrich, Christian Rother. Elvira Mann-Winter will still support the gallery as art consultant. This step will bring the gallery into the future.

The gallery will continue to work with their successful artists and will show new, young artists in the future. Next projects will be the exhibition "Luminous" at Henkell, the seventh masterpieces exhibition and the third participation in Art Miami in December.

Art motivates creative thinking, enables a change of perspective, attunes the senses, offers new contexts and creates an unmistakable atmosphere in every home.

The new team of GALERIE ROTHER WINTER Christine Rother-Ulrich, Christian Rother and Christina Seidel would like to thank their customers and the friends of the galleries for their loyalty over many years; the team is just as happy to professionally advise any interested customers in the gallery.



As the daughter of the art collector Adolf Herkenrath and niece of the painter Peter Herkenrath, Christine Rother-Ulrich grew up with art since her childhood. A trained banker, she spent many years in an important position in banking before opening her gallery in 1994. In addition to the ongoing gallery business, she still manages the estate of her uncle Peter Herkenrath (1900-1992). Since 2014 Christine Rother is chairman of the Landesverband der Galerien Hessen und Rheinland-Pfalz; since 2013 she is on the board of the Wiesbaden Casino-Society.

Christian Rother




From 1994 to 2000, Christina Seidel studied art history in Munich and completed various internships, including a three-month internship at "Gallery Flowers East" in London. The multi-faceted work in an art gallery awoke her desire to work in this field - the variety of different artists, changing exhibitions, visiting fairs as well as the exciting interplay of art and the market. She has been working as assistant to management since 2011 - at that time still at "Gallery Christine Rother" in Adelheidstraße - and since 2013 here in Taunusstraße, with much joy and engagement in "Gallery Rother Winter".


Art Consultant

Through Elvira Mann-Winter's own collecting of art, together with her husband Peter Winter, the idea arose to found a gallery, which has now been in existence since 1987. The basis for this is a education as businesswoman and sound knowledge of art history. Since 2010 she is the only German member of the Fondation Marta Pan & Andre Wogenscky, based in St. Remy / France. In 2004, an art cellar in the winery Georg Müller Foundation, Hattenheim / Rheingau was set up, over 1,000 sqm in size. The event rooms of the winery are regularly used for different exhibitions.

Gallery Rother-Winter – our calling

Our goal is to convey the joy and enthusiasm found in art and the uniqueness of artworks. As we experience this ourselves, we also wish to gift this experience to our customers and collectors. Together, we work on building the profile of a gallery that represents both established and younger professional artists who excel in creative and sustainable art, which promises to be both retain it's value as well as to increase it's value in the future. In the last three years of joint gallery work, the artists Axel Anklam, Rainer Gross, Igor Oleinikov and Yonggang Liu have been added to the existing gallery programme. Next year, the first exhibitions of the artists Annette Besgen, Kristina Girke, Werner Pokorny and Miriam Vlaming will enrich the gallery programme further. The exhibitions are complemented by readings, film screenings, concerts, performances and encounters with the artists, which will allow our clients to become more acquainted with both the content of the art and the artists themselves.

“Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul.” – Pablo Picasso


In addition to a variety of exhibitions, our gallery also holds readings, film screenings, concerts and performances. Here are some impressions of the premises.
Galerie Rother Winter
Galerie Rother Winter
Galerie Rother Winter
Galerie Rother Winter
Galerie Rother Winter GBR

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